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Where You Have Different Terms Or Number With Having Different Values. First You Need To Get Or Find Your Weighted Average If You Wanna Calculate Your Class Grades Having Each Assignments May Be Having Different Percentages From All Of Your Total Grading. And Also, Check For ASU GPA Calculator And Now In Grade Point Average (GPA). A Weighted Average Take Place And "A" In Letter In Your Regular Class Is Equal To 4.0 In 4.0 Scale. And In Honors It Will Be "4.5" And "5.0" For AP And College. In the United States Grading Scales Various Upon High Schools GPA Calculator And Colleges Criteria. They Used Almost Two Scales The Most To Calcute The Grades Which Is 4.0 And 4.3 Scales. Both In High School GPA Calculator And College GPA

What Is Weighted Average Formula And Weighted Average Example

Weighted Average Formula

Values 1 - 10 x Weight 1 - 30
Values 1 - 25 x Weight 1 - 40
10 x 30 = 300
25 x 40 = 1000
300 + 1000 = 1300
30 + 40 = 70
1300 / 70 = 18.57

Weighted Average Calculator

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